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    Story: Portrait photography. Some of these shots are part of larger sets, some are part of album cover shoots, some were commissioned by the label of the artist featured, some are from editorial shoots or features, and more. Current and past clients include: Young Money Entertainment, Voice Media, Ozy.com, OC Weekly, E! Entertainment, 2101 Records, Universal Republic Records, Petfinder.com, Borderline Amazing Productions, New Heights Entertainment, The Washington Administration, Apprentice A Productions, Pearl Group Entertainment, Scrublife Inc, The All-American Rejects, Porcelain Black, Matt Palmer, Meghan Tonjes, Mike Falzone, Nick Pitera, Traci Hines, Leo Camacho, Jane Carrey Band, SUGARCULT, and more.

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  • Freya in her alien halloween makeup. Brighton, England
  • When we silence healthcare providers that benefit from foreign aid from the US we do a disservice to humanity and the planet we all share. 45's version of the global gag rule threatens NGOs that cover all ranges of healthcare services if they even mention abortion to a patient they're helping, they lose the money we send that helps them help people. This is our country imposing its will on women and girls all over the planet. It's shameful and inhumane and it must stop. Thank you to my beautiful friend Frankie for lending her lovely face to this photo.
  • Part of a series of shoots that focus on ways we seek to control women in the US. While I don't live there anymore, the impact of how we treat women is felt around the world. I want to see my nieces grow up in an America where they can express their thoughts and feelings on the issues they face. To not be told they have to look out at the world and say "I'm fine" when they're dying inside for any number of reasons, including those pictured here.
  • Nick Wheeler of the All-American Rejects for Petfinder.com