Based in Brighton, England Austen Risolvato likes people and invariably loves their personalities through her lens. Capturing the unique essence of every individual she photographs begins with an almost intuitive understanding of their emotions and passions. The interpretation echoes in the images as if each photograph had a voice to its story.

This is her story: While studying photography at Savannah College of Art and Design, Austen had the occasion (some might call it an opportunity, others might call it a caper) to run off with a multi-platinum selling rock band and capture their images, along with some of their stories, which she has never told, and never will.

That was sixteen years and 100,000 road miles and dozens of musicians ago. Like many of the artists she has photographed, Austen also started in garages – those of the local bands she began shooting at age 14 in Atlanta. She was smitten – not as much with the bands, but with the shots. She began to see her own emotions and passions in the moments when the images looked like the music that was being made and played.

Austen chose not to return to art school, but rather to study her craft via a curriculum fueled by resourcefulness, steady experience, and belief in her interpretative eye. She also studied under, assisted and archived for David LaChapelle in his Los Angeles studio. She can see, source and shoot the inimitable, and after all, aren’t we all inimitable?

She has been the official tour photographer for numerous multi-platinum artists, including 311 and Daughtry.  She has also toured with Porcelain BlackSugarcult, and Zebrahead. Over the years, Austen has also photographed many other artists including: Travis Barker, All-American Rejects, Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, The Wanted, Celebrity Chef Eli Kirshstein of Top Chef, Rick RossLil WayneNew Kids on the BlockBon JoviNo DoubtGreen DaySnoop Dogg, Better than EzraBushBone Thugs N HarmonyResHoobastankIncubus, and more.

From live shows, to promotional photos, endorsement ads and album covers, Risolvato recognizes the split second to document. She also understands the pinnacle moments within the choreography and lighting in a live show, yet calls on those visions for album and promotional shots, acknowledging that these are the moments of magic that resonate with the fans.

As much as Risolvato admires the musicians, their musical instruments admire her lens, posing with an attitude of precision and relationship to the player, as if they are … well, instruments of art. For this reason, Risolvato’s photos have often been sought for endorsement ads among the likes of Paul Reed Smith Guitars and GHS Strings and appearing in such publications as GUITARPlayerGUITAR WorldBASS PlayerBASS JapanDRUM Japan, and BASS Guitar, among others.

Risolvato respects the artists, management, stylists, crews and others involved in musical career development. Discretion is among her skills and services.

Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.  Walt Disney


What My Clients Say About Working With Me:

Having Austen on set for our week-long production was a great experience. She was able to capture all of the classic moments of the shoot while showing complete professionalism toward the crew and talent. She’s at the top of our list for future productions.

– Matt Martin Creative Executive Lucasfilm Story Group

Austen’s disarming soulful manner and attention to detail make her photos come alive. Unlike many photographers, I feel like she’s one of us; a genuine rock n roll obsessed artist, not some invasive outsider looking to steal some sunshine and make a buck. Like a modern day Brassai, I’ve watched her move gracefully from the dirtiest dive-bars of Atlanta to the fanciest VIP lounges of Tokyo!

  -Sugarcult’s Marko DeSantis

Austen is the shit!  I had this one girl fill in for Austen on tour, it was hell and torture.  I will never do a tour without her again. – Porcelain Black

Austen is quick to size up an artist and get a real feel for what he or she is all about, this in turn, translates into her images. Always a pleasure to deal with someone who takes such pride in their art form.

– Daughtry’s Brian Craddock

Many of my clients have celebrity status or are at the highest level of their respective industries.  Austen could always be trusted to interface with them in a mature and discreet manner.  She never appeared to overstep her boundaries and my observation was that she was well-regarded by my clients. 

– Photographer David LaChapelle

Austen is fun and easy to work with, and her creativity comes out in every shot.

– 311’s P-Nut